Richard Paul James MacLeod aka Little Wolf D'hainu (ricktboy) wrote in rp_workshop,
Richard Paul James MacLeod aka Little Wolf D'hainu

Name : Rick 
Age: 25
Have you played rpg's before? Yes
How long have you been playing rpg's? 10 years.
Name of favorite character played: Aion MacLeod.
    What system? What-if

*grin* now here's the fun ones(which are also optional, if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, it'll become clear eventually)

Do you own dice? yes
    How many? a bag o'
       what types? D4, D6, D8, D10, D20, D100

Do you own rp books? Yes
    How many? A couple
       What games? Vampire: The Masquerade(WWP), Vampire: The Dark Ages(WWP), Dungeon Master Guide to AD&D(TSR)  Lizards(obscure), Tunnels and Trolls, V:tM sourcebooks Malkavian, and Archons.
          What edition of said books? V:tM 2nd, V:tDA 1st, AD&D DM 6th(i think)

Online, Offline or both? Both
    What games have you played? OL:Kushiel's Legacy, Highlander, V:tM, Gemstone II + III RL: just about anything out there
       What's your favorite system?(game) White Wolf games, AD&D, What-if

What species are you? Immortal Vampyric Werewolf (simplistic: immortal)
    What race are you? Human/Garou/Gargoyle/Dragon/God (simplistic: Human)
       What profession are you? God, Champion of Dragons, Orb collector (simplistic: Warrior)


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