Richard Paul James MacLeod aka Little Wolf D'hainu (ricktboy) wrote in rp_workshop,
Richard Paul James MacLeod aka Little Wolf D'hainu

First, some intro questions

Name :
Have you played rpg's before?
How long have you been playing rpg's?
Name of favorite character played:
    What system?

*grin* now here's the fun ones(which are also optional, if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, it'll become clear eventually)

Do you own dice?
    How many?
       what types?

Do you own rp books?
    How many?
       What games?
          What edition of said books?

Online, Offline or both?
    What games have you played?
       What's your favorite system?(game)

What species are you?
    What race are you?
       What profession are you?

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