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Does Summon Nature's Ally require that something of that type is in the area? I've always been unclear on this. I know that Summon Monster spells call the creaturs from other planes, but can I, for example, summon a corcodile in the desert?
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ANyone out there have the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer? Somewhere in there is a breakdown of the calendar in Greyhawk… number of seasons in a year and their names/description… number of months in a year and their names… number of days in each month and the names of the days.. number of days in a week.. all that jazz. I'm looking to incorporate that info into my campaign, but can't find the book.

A little help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Pimping the game...

Hey everyone, firstly, my apologies if this isn't allowed, feel free to remove it, or let me know and I will...


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come play, we're looking for EVERYONE!!!

Characters taken:

Hermione Granger
Albus Dumbledore
Nymphadora Tonks

We will allow OC's, too, but you have to contact the mods...

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I'm sorry I haven't posted the first thing yet, I've been caught up in some life issues.

I'm gonna be posting the first thing: Character Sheets in a day or so...